Movement Dialogues offers training courses in Bones for Life® and the Child'Space® Method

Bones for Life Immersion and Certification Program

Bones for Life, developed by Feldenkrais® Instructor Ruthy Alon, Ph.D, was originally designed to halt and even reverse the deterioration of bone tissue. The program uses the process of discovery in movement tasks, pressure, rhythm, and vibration with particular focus on alignment and finding strength through organization thus stimulating bone health.  It is the perfect way for anyone to find both their freedom of movement as well as their balance and stability in a way that directly integrates into daily life activities. It is a wonderful source of inspiration and practical application for any Feldenkrais® Practitioner to bring to their private sessions and groups. 

How to Study Bones for Life® in Charlotte
The program is taught in various formats.     

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Child'Space Charlotte

Child'Space is a unique and comprehensive method of sensory movement education that supports babies development in a holistic way using touch and floor time activities. Trainees also learn to work with parents or caregivers in supporting the baby's development. Open to Feldenkrais practitioners and anyone interested in working with infants and their caregivers.

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