Through the Foundation of Movement Intelligence® Ruthy Alon, Ph.D. has developed 5 Feldenkrais based programs bringing the whole body into better relationship in Bones for Life, Walk for Life, movement for sitting dynamically in Chairs, approaching our eating habits and the art of chewing in Mindful Eating and Moement Solutions for Optimal Mobility.

Bones for Life and the Bones for Life Immersion and Certification Program focuses on natural movement that challenge the habitual patterns that lead to muscular and skeletal problems.  The movement processes help to develop postural integrity, flexibility and stability supporting physical comfort and strong bones. This program is presented in weekly classes, workshops and training program formats.  Click on the underlined links for more information. 

The Walk for Life program was developed to promote ease in walking -- upgrading the quality and coordination whether taking a hike or strolling around the block. Trekking poles are utilized to help you find the power in every step.  This course is taught in  classes and a workshop format. There is also a training program available.

Participants have found many benefits from including trekking poles in their daily walk including:  improving their posutre, increasing their metabolism to promote weight loss,  maintaining increased energy with less effort and strengthening through better organization. It is excellent training for those that hike.

Click here to view 2014 research of the Wok for Life program that showed how 46 women improved their lives.

The Chairs program was developed to eliminate strain and provide movement processes that create dynamic sitting. Processes are utilized in this course to activate skeletal length and stability so as to maximize time spent sitting   This course is also helpful for anyone who has trouble getting down on the floor.  It is often introduced throughout the various programs, and is available in a weekly class or workshop format.

In the Mindful Eating program you will be guided to observe your habits around eating and create strategies that better serve you. Through imagery, and novel exploration in  approaching food you will discover things about your eating style that you can chose to transform. The art of chewing and its bio mechanics are experienced and re-trained to promote healthy eating habits.
Mindful Eating can be experienced in a class, workshop or individual format.

Solutions for Optimal Mobility offers self care processes for some of the most common difficulties. The movement sequences present effective strategies to repattern the neuro-muscular system. Training for problem-free movement engages the full body -- when one area carries more responsibility problems can arise in the neck, arms, back, legs or feet. In this course we target these various areas to discover a biological optimism which is greater than the biomechanics as organic patterns are restored and the distributed effort impacts your whole being.

Dr. Ruthy Alon's natural affinity for teaching movement has blossomed since 1959 when she started working with Moshe Feldenkrais, Ph.D. She is the author of Mindful Spontaneity which has been translated into 7 languages and won the book of the year prize for natural healing by the Jungian Society in Italy.  She also created the video Movement Nature Meant which can be viewed on You Tube.  To read more about Ruthy click here.