What happens when we lose ourselves to distraction, pain or the sense of orientation in our lives? It is so easy to do in our busy world or during our many transitions in life. When do we box ourselves in, collapse, or narrow our self image whether physically, emotionally or spiritually our bodies carry this and it affects our responses to life.

Feldenkrais approaches help us from our very foundation, from our first language of movement. By providing a structure that brings attention to our movement in a soft, gentle manner we bring our body into balance and our mind into focus. Exploring from a place of curiosity encourages presence of mind and finding pathways of ease as we release unnecessary habits and connect to our vitality. The movement center in our brain connects to every area -- the higher and lower brain centers -- opening not only new neural pathways but enabling us to form better relationships to ourselves and all of life.

Charlotte's Movement Dialogues, LLC was founded by Brenda Mountjoy Sorkin. Since 1985 she has focused on resources that offers increased function using the medium of movement, promoting physical and mental well-being by a number of well-proven methods:

The Feldenkrais Method is an approach to health and learning that uses gentle movement and directed focus to improve physical and mental functioning, It is based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Designed to halt and even reverse the deterioration of bone tissue, the
program uses mindful exploration, pressure, rhythm, vibration with
particular focus on alignment and finding                                     strength  and vitality through organization

A program of study to immerse deeply into the movement explorations that bring a deeper joy and vitality to our lives as we connect more fully to ourselves.  Participation can be for general well being or to continue the course to become a Certified Bones for Life Teacher.

 Helping you learn how to be fluent in your child's first language: Touch & Movement

An exercise program that will alleviate pregnancy pain, increase your energy, and help you have a healthier overall pregnancy

The Trager Approach provides a pleasurable, gentle, and effective approach to movement education and mind/body integration. Its techniques help release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitate profound relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity.

Each method is backed by extensive theory and documented effectiveness. Each is gentle and designed to accommodate individual limitations and particular movement patterns. Common to all methods are:
  • enhanced flexibility, posture, balance, and coordination;
  • the ability to reduce the effects of stress and to prevent injury; and
  • practical ways to achieve focus, deep relaxation and renewal.

Our classes provide a social community to support the work, and the hands-on private sessions provide a
personal approach in a safe and quiet environment. Both methods help to:
  • cultivate a deeper presence, using the medium of movement as a guide;
  • improve stability, flexibility, and balance;
  • reduce chronic pain, recover from injury, and enhance athletic performance;
  • improve alignment, enabling,for instance, more comfort while working on the computer, playing an instrument, or meditating without suffering strain and
  • stimulate creativity;
  • provide protection from the general wear and tear of everyday life as you amplify the connections between mind and body.

At Movement Dialogues LLC, we guide you in identifying and practicing the healthiest and most productive ways of applying mindfulness to movement in order to enhance possibility and quality of life. Our students enjoy the pleasure they experience in movement and the benefits that make their lives better.

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