Finding Our Uprightness

A Bones for Life Workshop

Taught by Brenda Sorkin, GCFP

Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Bones for Life Senior Trainer

Trees exemplify rootedness and uprightness. They need the wind to become upright. Too much wind will push the tree over, yet in an environment with no wind, a tree topples over without supports.

We too need something to come up against to find our natural posture. A task too hard will only create tension. Doing nothing brings collapse.

Come join us as we explore movement tasks that supports our well-being and promotes our ability to stand erect and move easily. This impacts our breathing as well as every organ in our bodies. We will be drawing from processes from the Bones for Life program, segment 2.

Bones for Life -- it’s not just about bones strength. It’s about quality of life.