Finding Your Roots

A Bones for Life Basics Workshop

Taught by: Brenda Sorkin, GCFP, MI Senior Trainer

Cell: 704.650.7252 or

Date: Saturday TBA Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 p.m.

Investment: $65


Expand your horizons and create the opportunity for new possibilities as you enhance your posture and support your flexibility, balance and stability. Our movement reflects our structure, our experiences and acquired habits. Do you struggle to keep your shoulders back; accept your discomfort; find your mind scattered, unable to focus; or experience low energy?

Feldenkrais-based mindful movement practices will benefit your mind, your bones, and every organ in your body. Quietly experience the roots of your movement. Listen to your body.

This workshop is an introduction to the Feldenkrais-based courses of Bones for Life. There will be processes lying on the floor on a mat, sitting and standing. It is open to past participants as well as anyone wanting to experience this approach for the first time.

Bones for Life -- it's not just about bone health, it's about quality of life.

Workshops are $65 for 3 hour sessions