Embodying The Power of Now

Taught by Brenda Sorkin, GCFP, Senior Trainer for Movement Intelligence

How do we embody NOW? How long can you be present with yourself, a friend or task without distracting?

The movement tasks in the Bones for Life program provide an experiential opportunity to be present to the moment. When using our minds to focus on various movement sequences we strengthen bones and muscles, improve posture, balance and alignment without stretching or strain as we bring relationship between our mind and body. We feed the brain and nurture the body.

Norman Doidge tells us in The Brain that Changes that “We rarely engage in tasks in which we must focus our attention as closely as we did when we were younger, trying to learn a new vocabulary or master new skills. Such activities as reading the newspaper, practicing a profession of many years, and speaking our own language are mostly the replay of mastered skills, not learning.…The same concept applies to mobility. Just doing the dances you learned years ago won’t help your brain’s motor cortex stay in shape. To keep the mind alive requires learning something truly new with intense focus.”

In these Feldenkrais based workshops we provide structure for physical wellness and the novelty to train your brain. NOW is the time. These workshops are a great way to amplify your practice or experience the Bones for Life material for the first time. Come join us.

Workshops are $65 for 3 hour sessions