Change your Age

Age Gracefully

Presented by Alyson Sipple, MS PT, GCFP


Date: TBA

Time: 2-5pm

Investment: $65 cash or check, (made out to Allyson Sipple) ; $55 if preregistered. Checks can be mailed to Movement Dialogues, Change your Age, 4805 Park Rd., Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28209

Are you feeling older? Maybe you aren't as quick as you used to be. Perhaps pain or stiffness sometimes interfere with your ability to do activities you love. What level of confidence would you like to have in yourself, your body? Is it possible to move with ease and grace in your daily life...and to even find spontaneity, a willingness to play, try new things? As we age we live with these questions. While we cannot change our chronological age, we can change how we age.

In this program we consider how we move, listen to our bodies, and begin to discover effortless posture/aliveness. We play specifically with movement patterns we tend to lose as we age, anything from turning our necks freely to even jumping or skipping. The Change your Age program may be just the right fit for you. This new program engages both the brain and the body for true changes in the way we move. If your brain gets it, your body does too.

The Change Your Age program was developed by Frank Wildman, a retired Feldenkrais® trainer. Movements in this program are based on human functioning and include those patterns we first lose as we age such as the ability to turn our necks freely. As we learn to move in an easier way, our balance and coordination also improve. In essence, we move as if we were younger!

Change your Age classes are generally a bit more active than a typical Feldenkrais class, however it still involves listening to yourself and moving at a comfortable pace and range. In Change your Age workshop new movement patterns are introduced. This novelty coupled with awareness wakes up your nervous system to new ways to move. By continuing to explore these patterns after the workshop, you are able to further strengthen and refine your brain/ body connection.

So why sit on the sidelines when you can be more active and involved with life! Come join us and see how youthful and energized you can be.

Here’s a mobility survey you can complete to gauge where you are now:

With Change your Age program we bet you’ll feel and move better!