Finding Your Spiral

How to get down on the floor and back up

The FeldenKrais Way

Taught by: Allyson Sipple, GCFP

We can look at this workshop in 2 ways: beauty and function.

In our spiraling movement there are beautiful parallels in nature - shells, flowers, ferns, - the vastness of the galaxies, and our own minute, yet powerful DNA. As we move in our own spiral we may feel connected into the organic wisdom of our bodies - in tune with nature, our own dance.

Looking at function, we often find as we get older and spend more time sitting in chairs, that we lose the ability to easily get up and down off the floor. Maybe, you wish to get down on the floor to play with grandkids or want to feel ease as you move from standing to floor poses in yoga or other forms of exercise. Even just reaching to the floor to pick up something can improve in the workshop.

Using spirals to guide movement, you can feel an assuredness and move more freely up and down from the floor. Come join us as we learn and play.

The Feldenkrais Method focuses on awareness using gentle, pleasurable, and often novel movement sequences. These verbally guided sequences, called lessons, are framed to allow and encourage exploration. Participants often notice they are moving more gracefully with less effort.

Workshops are $65 for 3 hour session