The Inner Labyrinth

Webster's definition of a labyrinth is a structure containing an intricate network of winding passages hard to follow without losing one's way. The philosopher Socrates noted it's difficult to follow such a path without a thread. In myth, Ariadne holds the thread that allows Theseus to navigate the labyrinth in order to slay the minotaur and, more important, triumphantly return.

In a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement process, we use the thread of our experience as we take an inner journey to enrich our outer experience. Using a holistic approach relating our inner tubal system through our sphincters to our outer movement we reach back to our earliest developmental movement and contact with the world.

Initiating movement through our sphincters brings an internal listening that has been known to be restorative all along the "channel" from our mouth and intestines to our pelvic floor with wide ranging benefits. Bringing mindful awareness into our body not only quiets the mind and helps us function in our busy world it can also help increase our physical comfort and health. You might experience relief from lower back pain, depression, asthma, incontinence, intestinal discomfort or headaches, among other symptoms. You may also find that sexual functioning is enhanced, and you could even find it easier to stop smoking.

When functioning properly, our inner physiological network is enlivened with every breath and every step we take. This internal listening brings our mind into our body not only affecting our vitality but our ability to think and more fully experience ourselves emotionally.

Join us as we attend to our inner labyrinth.

Workshops are $65 for 3 hour session