Opening the Heart,

Moving with Heart Workshop

Taught by: Brenda Sorkin, GCFP

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Investment: $65

Our heart is protected by our ribcage and is the seat of our joy. It is the area of our body we can restrict the most -- whether sitting and compromising our posture; through shallow breathing or restricting our voice . We can sense when our words come from that heartfelt place or when we are over or under protecting ourselves.

Local artist Betsy Birkner's sculpture pictured here is entitled "I Should Be Healthy". It's a beautiful image for this workshop as we burst out of our armor and find our heart through movement.

In this workshop we will explore freeing our ribcage, our breath, supporting our circulation and aligning ourselves so our heart feels we are loved.

No prior experience of Feldenkrais is necessary. Listen to your heart.

Ceramic Sculpture by: Betsy Birkner

Photograph by: Mitchell Kearney

Workshops are $65 for 3 hour session