Walk for Life

Taught by Brenda Sorkin GCFP, MI Trainer

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Investment: $65

Come learn to create a harmonious coordination that engages a quality walk and efficient alignment whether you are looking to improve your posture, lose weight or heighten your walking pleasure. Learning to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina in this way improves many of our other bodily functions too including breathing, digesting and sleeping.

We will engage in movement processes on the floor, in sitting and at the wall before making use of trekking poles in a way very different than Nordic Walking. Walking poles can generate greater mobilization potency when used in this way. Click here to view last year's research of the Walk for Life program that shows how 46 women improved their lives.

Please bring your walking poles if you already have them. If you are purchasing new trekking poles, make sure they have a strap and come with rubber tips. Wal Mart carries them for about $20 per set. We have a limited number of extras in the office.

Weather permitting we will end our workshop in the park.

Call to reserve your space now. It's time to get moving!

Workshops are $65 for 3 hour session